Case Study

The below solutions are based on the newest technologies. We have comprehensively put into operation hundreds of machines as well as participated at different stages in designing of machines for individual clients. We are deeply devoted to each project and our 12-person team are at your disposal.

KMB Trzaska

A client ordered from our company a vacuum press to form Corian 2000x1500mm. Out of the formed elements produced with the use of “Artex” vacuum press the client created a Corian boat-shaped floating house and the necessary equipment to furnish it. The project came into existence in cooperation with The house has an eye-catching, futuristic design and is fully equipped to be dwelled. The biggest advantage of the house is its mobility. The owner has a possibility to change its address at any time.

Brilliant Personal Security GmbH

A client ordered at “Artex” a vacuum press 300x400mm. This machine was designed to produce firearms and cold weapons holsters as well as two-way radios. The products manufactured are perfectly fitted to the weapons. With their exceptional quality and distinctive design the holsters enjoy high interest of the buyers. The holsters are made of Kadex – a material resistant to extreme atmospheric conditions. Additionally, it is scratch-resistant and doesn’t stretch when used. To see the products visit

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