Consumables is a number of tools indispensible during work with the machines, including: separating non-stick film for shelf-type presses when used creates Teflon (PTFE) surface, PCV foil cutting knife, vacuum bag made of transparent foil known as foil sleeve and veneering mattress.

separating film hydraulic presses
Separating film for presses
Separating film for presses Specification Description Separation foil for 1450 mm hydraulic shoe presses. Teflon film with excellent physical, chemical
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knife for PCV
Knife for cutting PVC foil
Knife for cutting PVC foil Specification Description A specific construction of the knife handle and the blade allows for fast
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Vacuum bag
Vacuum Bags
  Vacuum Bags Specification Description Vacuum bags Specifications Description Vacuum bags also known as foil sleeve are made of transparent
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mattress for hydrualic press
Veneering mattress
Mattress for veneering Specification Description A mattress for veneering concave or convex elements. Designed for wrapping with natural veneers of
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