Vacuum membranes are used as elastic and solid material dedicated for pressing ready-made templates. They are perfect for forming curvilinear 2D, 3D elements. Silicon stretch 700%, operational temperature 220ºC and rubber stretch 600% in 130ºC of solid surface, natural veneers, facing boards, flexible plywood, etc.

caoutchouc membrane
Rubber membranes
Rubber membranes Specification Description Both sides of the membrane are smooth and are perfect for veneering with natural veneers. It
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Silicone membrane - white
Silicone Membrane
Silicone membranes Specification Descprition Both sides of the membrane are smooth. It is characterised by high stretchability (up to 700%).
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Silicone membrane - blue - for laminating glass
Membrane for laminating glass
  Silicone membranes for laminating glass Specification Description Membranes for glass laminating Specification Description The membrane is smooth on one
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